6 hours ago
RT @DonovanStrain: 🔥THREAD 🔥


Remember when I went viral after figuring today was @IceCube's "Today Was A Good Day"…
9 hours ago
RT @jrodackles_: when someone you don’t even know starts telling you about a j2 encounter in DC eating at a hamburger bar; he didn’t even k…
1 day ago
RT @jonfavs: Such an important point: Democrats are not asking Trump or Republican leaders to do anything they haven’t already *promised* t…
1 day ago
RT @GoodBrotherMatt: I absolutely adore the Final Flash scene in German https://t.co/KqkXCehsAP
3 days ago
Jai Ho, महालक्ष्मी देवी मुंबई https://t.co/F1e4P3xSbN
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