Cinema Loyalty Program:-

  • A new & smart way of making cinema & protecting content from piracy
  • B2C: Earn, Engage, Participate, Promote and Explore content.
  • B2B: Changing the way Content will be funded, produced, traded, promoted, distributed & exhibited
  • Program will be offered as solutions to film industry’s problems like Piracy Leakages, ROI, declining theatrical businesses, digital technology challenges, high entertainment taxes, growth in movie productions and many more.
  • Platform will be offered for complete movie lifecycle
  • Movie IPOs for production, distribution & exhibition
  • Cinema Stock listing & Trading
  • Member of Distributors, Exhibitors & Producers Associations & had validated this program in each stage of movie lifecycle by introducing additional revenue streams & value added services;
  • All necessary steps were taken to convert this program into a successful business model; Press coverage of our beta trial & customer feedback on Time of India, Punjab Kesari & other news network
  • Go to Market Strategy is driven by community base of 2.5 Million users, which was built up through Smart City Initiative of City Loyalty Programs in last few years;
  • City&Cine Projects will be executed through our City Loyalty Network, Innovation & Incubation Centers & Smart Studios
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