*One winter festival which marks the start of new season is called by so many names, and in every culture the food prepared is essentially Khichdi (Lentil & Rice preparation) both Sweet (traditionally with Jaggery) and Spicy varieties. The festival traditionally involved eating sweets made of Sesame-Jaggery in all cultures. No matter what you call by name the festival is celebrated all over with similarity.*

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*Happy Makara Sankranti* -_(AP , Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra)

*Happy Pongal* –(TN & Pondicherry)

*Happy Lohri* –(Punjab & Haryana)

*Sakraat & Makraat* — (Bihar, UP, Uttarakhand)

*Happy Uttarayan* — (Gujarat, Diu, Daman)

*Happy Suggi* — (Karnataka)

*Happy Magh Saaji* –(HP)

*Happy Ghughuti* –(Kumaon)

*Happy Makara Chaula* -(Odhisha)

*Happy Kicheri* —(Poorvanchal East UP)

*Happy Pousha Sankranti* — (Bengal & NE)

*Happy Magh Bihu* –(Assam & NE)

*Happy Shishur Sankraat* –(Kashmir )

*Happy Makara Vilakku* — (Like)

*Happy Maaghe Sankrant* — Nepal

*Happy Tirmoori* — Sindh Pakistan

*Happy Songkran* — Thailand

*Happy Pi Ms Lao* — Laos

*Happy Thingyan* –Myanmar

*Happy Mohan Songkran* — Cambodia

*Unity in Diversity*

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